Miscellaneous Poetry

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The following are some miscellaneous poems I've published in random place.

Postcard Sent While in Isolation at the Ville N. L. C.

(Log Cabin Chronicle, 17Jul2020)

First Lines For Some Poems About Spring Waiting to Be Wrttten

(Guilford Gazette, Vol24 No2, May 2018 / Log Cabin Chronicle, 29May2018)

Pieces of Fall

(Guilford Gazette, Vol24 No4, November 2018 / Log Cabin Chronicle, 6Oct2017)

May Song

(Guilford Gazette, Vol23 No2, May 2017 / Log Cabin Chronicle, 22May2017)

A Perennial First Sign of Spring

(Log Cabin Chronicle, 21May2017)

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And some Limericks...

...More to come.

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