Some Limericks

I used to say "Hi, my name's 'Nichael'",

which everyone mispronounced "Michael".

I'd try to correct 'em

With a kick to the rectum,

'Til one day, I just gave up and went Psychael.

-- A Plurality of Sins

I simply will not be that guy

Who uses the word "Octopi"

But "Octopuses"

Is clearly for wusses,

And "Octopodes"? --I'd rather die! --(Log Cabin Chronicle, 8Mar2020)

In Samoan to swear yous say "Kefe".

In Spanish, the boss is "El Jefe".

In English, alas,

I'll just take a pass.

Tell me, what in the hec is "Covfefe"?

-- The Poet's Dilemma in the Post-Fact Era:

-- A Limerick for Kellyanne Conway.

When Kellyanne makes her political pitch,

My eyes will both start to twitch.

My brain cells get muddled,

And I feel so befuddled

I can't even think of the right word to rhyme... --(Log Cabin Chronicle, 20Dec2017)

-- And finally...

There once was a girl with a duck

Who rode into town on a truck.

But the biggest surprise,

I'll bet none of you guys

Thought the last rhyme would be "Luck"!hear the

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