Under Construcion: Information

Under Construction Information

Note: I previously had a HomePage that I had gradually built up over several years and I was quite happy with it.

The site was hosted by my local ISP sover.net. They were good people and all was well.

Eventually, though, the original founders of sover.net sold it to a company called Firstlight.

At the time of the sale, the sover.net's customers were told that all was good and that we wouldn't notice any changes. So not to worry.

However, one day, basically without any warning, Firstlight announced that the pre-existing sover.net websites were going away.

POOF! Just like that. No more HomePage. (Or backups...)

So, I've been gradually been attempting to put back together a basic HomePage.

(I've been able to recover some of the previous stuff via the WayBack machine, but it's taking some time).

So, what you see now is what I currently have. This is a work in progress.

So stay tuned....