Words: Haiku/Senryu

Various haiku I've published.

telling time

her hands move

across my face

-- TinyWords, 20October 2021

Accepted for inclusion in The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku for 2021

wave-rolling shells


now as windchimes

-- bottle rockets #45, vol 23 no 1, August 2021

old couch

the cat lies down

into stillness

-- from the anthology "Window Seats", published by bottle rockets press

bright bright morning

and the old coffee cup

filled with pens

-- Modern Haiku, Vol 51:2, Summer 2020

snow on the church steps

--the camel watches over

the stack of wise men

-- frogpond, vol 42:1, Winter 2019 / New England Letter #117, Feb 2021

The fall

of breasts as

the sweater lifts

-- frogpond, vol 41:2, Summer 2018

bright with the sun

I welcome

last night's snow

-- bottle rockets #42, vol 21 no 2, 2020

watching my dog

teach me a new

attention to squirrels

-- bottle rockets #42, vol 21 no 2, 2020

off the dorm roof

hard to keep the fieldglasses fixed

on the comet

-- bottle rockets #39, vol 20 no 1, 2018

bright autumn morning

my nature poem

gets written indoors

-- New England Letters #120, Oct 2021

in order not

to say too much

she hides her hands

-- Poems around Town, Brattleboro 2021

new sprouts, sweet herbs, wrapped

in this clear paper of ice

spring rolls together

-- Poems around Town, Brattleboro 2021

breezy day--

the iris at my window


--Poems around Town, Brattleboro 2021

bookmarked with

the McGovern bumpersticker

--my One Year Bible

-- New England Letters #108, May 2020

the oak branch passes

his shadow over this field

revealing daisies

-- New England Letters #109, June 2020

so grateful for

the river canyon's bridge

and Poohsticks

-- New England Letters #110, July 2020

an hour 'til dawn--

looking up to

a thousand fading suns

-- New England Letters #111, August 2020; Poems around Town, Brattleboro 2021

sounds of warm rain on grasses

now here only

in this line

-- New England Letters #112, September 2020

her last Thanksgiving

these bowed heads gather

to harvest time

--New England Letters #113, October 2020; Poems around Town, Brattleboro 2021

late autumn leaf --

the color of

spring's memory

-- New England Letters #114, November 2020

first some addition

then always a nice surprise

. . . an answer

-- New England Letters #115, December 2020

late snowmelt--

tip of the blade


-- New England Letters #116, January 2021

Green Mountains fill my window

but not those I knew

when I too was young

-- New England Letters #118, March 2021

doing spring's job

our septic tank warms

away the snow

-- Log Cabin Chronicles 22Mar2019